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Tryout Information & Registration

Tryout Dates for 2020 Season

All tryouts and meetings will be held at Simmons Middle School, 1575 Patton Chapel Road, Hoover.

Pre-Tryout Parent Meeting for 12's-14's: Tuesday, September 24th at 7:30 PM in the Simmons Middle School Lunchroom.

Tryouts for Ages 14 and under : Upstairs Gym @ Simmons Middle School

Saturday, Oct 12th: 12 & 13's 9:00-11:00 14's 12:00-2:00

Sunday, Oct. 13th: 12 & 13's 1:00-3:00, 14's 4:00-6:00

(Please attend both days and times if possible)

Commitment Day/Jersey Day for 12-14's for the 2020 season: Thursday, Oct. 17th 5:30-7:30pm, Simmons Middle School Cafeteria

Parent Meeting for 15-18's Oct. 13th 6:30 PM, Simmons Middle School Cafeteria. (For new parents only.  Returning parents do not need to attend the meeting.)

Tryouts for 15-18's Upper Gym @ Simmons Middle School

Saturday, Nov. 2nd: 15’s 9:00-11:00 AM, 16's, 17’s & 18’s 12:00-2:00 PM

Sunday, Nov. 3rd: 15's 1:00-3:00 , 16's, 17’s & 18’s 4:00-6:00 

(Please attend both days and times if possible)

Commitment Day/Jersey Day for Ages 15-18 for the 2019 season:  Wednesday, Nov 6  6:00-8:00 Upstairs Gym  Simmons Middle School

Cost of Tryouts: For 12's-14's, $50 if registered and paid by Oct. 10th, $75 after Oct. 10th.

For 15's and up, $50 if registered and paid by Oct. 30st, $75 after Oct. 30th.

Payment Info: Payment for registration may be made via check or Venmo. Checks should be mailed to: Alabama Juniors, 109 Linden Lane, Birmingham, AL 35242. Be sure to include your daughter's name and age group on the check.

If you want to pay with Venmo, the account is @JoAnn-Hollis. Please include your daughter's name and age group on the payment.

If you pay on the day of tryouts, you may pay with cash, check, or credit card.

Team Parent Meetings will meet at the end of November at Simmons Middle School.  Players will be notified of exact time and dates after selection of teams.

How to Register 1 - 2 - 3

While you can register onsite at the day of the tryouts,  we would HIGHLY recommend that you pre-register online by completing steps 1, 2, & 3 below and have all of your forms pre-printed  to save you time on the day of tryouts. There's usually a long line on that day. 
Here are the steps to pre-register:


1. Determine the age group for your child

The age group that your child can play for during this upcoming season is determined by what their age will be prior to September 1st, 2020. A tool for determining this can be found by clicking here. (Be sure to select the 2019-2020 Season)

2. Complete the online Registration form 

Complete the Alabama Juniors Online Registration tryout form. If you plan on pre-paying to get the discounted tryout rate, follow the payment instructions above.

3. Complete the SRVA membership form and medical release form, print them, and bring them to the tryouts.

  • Go to the Southern Region Volleyball website at
  • Click on the 'Member Registration'  menu item at the top of the page. Click on either Returning Member or NEW Member depending on whether it's your first time to ever register with SRVA.
  • For Returning Members, enter your daughter's last name and birthday. Make sure that you enter the date in the format listed with a 4-digit year (eg. 03/15/1999). When your child's name appears in the list, enter your password for the account and hit .
  • If you have forgotten the password, you can click on the 'Forgot Password' link and follow the instructions to reset it. Once you are logged in, or if you are a new member registering for the first time, enter any information requested.
  • When it prompts you for Membership Options, select Junior Player $60 (You will not be charged for this at this time. It is included in your club fee if you choose to play.)
  • Continue filling in the requested information, clicking next, then clicking Register Returning Member or Register Member.
  • Once you have gotten to this point, click on the yellow 'Electronically Sign Individual Membership Form' at the top of the screen. Check all of the 'I have read...' boxes, scroll to the bottom, enter the initials of the applicant, and then click on the 'Submit Verification Code (E-Sign)' button.
  • Once this is done, two new yellow buttons will appear on the screen, one to create the Membership Form and one to print the Medical Release form. Click on each of these and print them out.
  • The Membership form is already completed. The medical form will have additional information for you to fill in. Bring these with you to the parent meeting  (or if you are unable to attend, bring it to the tryouts).
  • If you have trouble with any of this, we will have someone available to assist you in completing the registration at the parent meetings and at the tryouts.

4. Attend the pre-registration parent meetings (recommended)

We will have a pre-registration parent meeting for the 12's-14's and 15's and up at Simmons Middle School. The dates for the meetings are listed above. In these meetings, we will go into detail about our club, tryouts, and expectations for travel volleyball. This will also allow you to pre-register and pay your tryout fee to save time for your daughter on the day of the tryouts.

5. Tryouts

All tryouts will be at Simmons Middle School. You can pay the tryout fee on the day of tryouts with either a check or credit card, or you can pre-pay at the parent meeting.

6. Commit to play

After tryouts, team selections will be posted on the website. If you are selected for a team, you can let us know if are for sure playing, but commitment day for all SRVA clubs will be posted. On those days, we will be at the gym for you to bring your first payment and get sized for your uniforms.