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Updated Southern Region Volleyball Association Tryout & Transfer Policy

By Admin, 09/11/16, 6:45PM CDT



FIRST, PLEASE REGISTER your son or daughter AFTER SEPTEMBER 15, 2017 by going to the Southern Region website,, click on the SRVA Online tab, and follow the instructions to register as a Southern Region member. Sign and save/make a copy of the signed membership form, and save your password. (Online registration should open on or after September 15, 2017). Remember to request a reduced fee membership while registering if you are financially disadvantaged. There is no need to pay a membership fee until after tryouts, and you can pay this fee to the club you join.

            SECOND, you need to choose a club with whom to play.  Some clubs have tryouts. TO ATTEND A TRYOUT, check under Clubs/Juniors on the SRVA website to see what clubs are in your area and contact them to determine any tryout dates.BRING A COPY OF YOUR SRVA COMPUTER-GENERATED  MEMBERSHIP FORM to each tryout, and give it to a club administrative person.
            Each club must follow the SRVA junior tryout policy, and all club websites mustprominently post this policy or a link to it entitled “Link to the SRVA Tryout Policy”where their tryout information is located. The policy is: SRVA’s intent is to allow players to try-out with multiple clubs. A 10-day tryout period may begin no earlier than the second Saturday in October for age groups 14 and under, and a 10-day try-out period for ages 15 through 18 will not begin prior to the first day after the completion of each state’s high school championship (see dates below), with no fee greater than $75 collectible during that period as a try-out fee only.  No player may be allowed to make a greater financial or player commitment to a club until the 11th day after the beginning of the 10-day tryout periods noted above. Participants should be careful not to violate any high school or collegiate rules that may apply.
                It shall not be considered a violation of the tryout policy for a club, following the beginning of the tryout period and prior to the commitment day, to provide a player/parent with a statement that the Club is offering the player a spot on a designated team or the player is an alternate for a spot on a designated team.  The club may not withdraw the offer prior to the established commitment day.

                Each club must provide timely information to parents and athletes regarding club finances and club participation (including information on: costs of uniforms, tournaments and all other activities planned for the team/club; club practices; competition schedules; SRVA registration and transfer policies; and SRVA recruitment and tryout policies).
                Each club must follow the SRVA recruitment policy, which is: Administrators and coaches may supply information regarding their team/club, but such information must not contain any promises or inducements to an athlete or parent to leave a club to which the athlete has committed or with which the athlete is registered.

            THIRD, inform the club/team you choose to play for of your decision ON OR AFTER THE PUBLISHED COMMITMENT DAY. Any commitment you make or receive prior to the dates below is not valid or binding.

            Tryouts for players age 14 and under can begin on the second Saturday in October of each year, which this season is October 14, 2017, and those playerscan commit on or after October 24, 2017.  
            2017 Tryout and commitment dates for players age 15 through 18 are:

TENNESSEE: Tryouts may begin October 20, 2017. 
Commitments may occur on or after October 30, 2017.

ALABAMA: Tryouts may begin on November 3, 2017. 
Commitments may occur on or after November 13, 2017.

GEORGIA: Tryouts may begin October 29, 2017. 
Commitments may occur on or after November 8, 2017.


The SRVA transfer policy is: An athlete may represent only one team/club in the same season with the following exceptions:  After January 15, a junior cannot transfer clubs without the permission of the club director of the club they are leaving.